What is dynamic DNS?

Dynamic DNS technology allows you to give your home network PC or server a permanent address on the Internet. Internet service providers change your IP address on a regular basis, but with dynamic DNS you can keep your domain name pointed to the current IP address of your home server or other devices.

Listing Item   Third level domain name (yourname.dynu.com)
You can use dynamic DNS service with free third level domain names provided by us.

Listing Item   Top level domain name (yourname.com)
Our Dynamic DNS service works with all top level domain names regardless of country of origin. If you don't already have a top level domain name, you may purchase one here.

Utilize any or all of our globally distributed name servers for your domain name:

NS1.dynu.com [Los Angeles, US]
NS2.dynu.com [Phoenix, US]
NS3.dynu.com [Atlanta, US]
NS4.dynu.com [Dallas, US]
NS5.dynu.com [Seattle, US]
NS6.dynu.com [New Jersey, US]
NS7.dynu.com [Tokyo, JP]
NS8.dynu.com [Sydney, AU]
NS9.dynu.com [Singapore, SG]
NS10.dynu.com [Amsterdam, NL]
NS11.dynu.com [Frankfurt, DE]
NS12.dynu.com [London, UK]

Geographically Distributed Points of Presence


We keep packing new features into our dynamic DNS service. Supported features include web redirect, wildcard alias, offline settings, most DNS records, locations etc.


Our full-featured dynamic DNS service with reliable name server infrastructure is the solution for you with over a decade of experience invested to ensure usage in various situations.

Get Started

Create a free account along with a free third level domain name or use your own domain name. Experience how easy it is to map your hostname to the most current IP address!


Choose from a variety of software, scripts and API based mechanisms to unobtrusively keep your domain name pointed to the current IP address at all times.

How does Dynamic DNS Technology work?

  • Your PC is connected to the internet and runs Dynu Client. Dynu Client keeps track of your computers IP address and reports it to Dynu DNS servers.
  • When someone requests 'yourname.dynu.com', Dynu DNS servers redirect them to your computer just like InterNIC DNS servers redirect requests to 'yourname.com'.
  • Now any user on the internet can connect to your PC instantly by requesting 'yourname.dynu.com'.
How Dynamic DNS Service Works

Why use our dynamic DNS service?

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Fast propagation

The faster your hostname is updated, the better uptime you will have when your IP address changes. We allow you to set the lowest TTL (30 seconds) in the dynamic DNS service industry, so the propagation time will be almost negligible.

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100% uptime

The network infrastructure that powers our dynamic DNS service name servers delivers 100% uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance. We use redundant bandwidth providers, routers, power supplies and switches to provide full redundancy at all levels within our network. As a result, our network uptime is among the best around and we're proud of the outstanding' performance it delivers.

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Premium support

We aim to deliver a world-class customer experience with our dynamic DNS service. That's why we offer fast, reliable, and secure service that's backed by our experienced technicians, 24/7. We can work with your schedule and cater to your needs.

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Outstanding technical features

Our dynamic DNS service offers reliable remote access to your router, computer, file system, IP camera, home automation solution and can be used with any domain of your choice with the lowest TTL that guarantees fast DNS propagation.


Does the free account expire? Will it be removed if I do not access the account for a certain amount of time?

Dynu accounts never expire! Even if you are a free user, your dynamic DNS service will remain fully functional until you delete it.

Is your dynamic DNS service secure?

Absolutely! Security is an important aspect to us and we ensure encrypted token based communication as well as a separate IP update password different from your account password.

Does your IP update client software work on Mac OS X operating system?

Yes, we have client software available for all operating systems including but not limited to Windows , Mac OS X and Linux .

Can I use my router to update the IP address for my hostname?

Yes, Dynu dynamic DNS service is compatible with most routers like DD-WRT , HUAWEI HG533 , ZyWall USG 50 and also supports Custom and GnuDIP protocols.

What if Dynu is not supported in my router?

If Dynu is not integrated in your router or device, Dynu offers free IP update client software . However, you should take a few minutes to comment on the manufacturers support forum requesting that Dynu be added to the dynamic DNS service provider list. It will make your life a lot easier!

What DNS records and features do you support? Can I use port 80 redirect and URL forwarding?

We provide a variety of DNS records including A, AAAA, CAA, CNAME, LOC, MX, PTR, SPF, TXT etc as well as web redirect and offline actions. Wildcard alias as well as individual IP address updates for aliases are also supported.